Lancashire Junior Championships - Roll of Honour

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Red Rose
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Year Age Group Name Club Notes
2007 U23M James Kevan Horwich  
2008 U23M James Kevan Horwich RMI  
2009 U23M James Kevan Horwich RMI  
2010 U23M No competitors    
2011 U23M Gary Priestley Horwich RMI  
2012 U23M Oliver Roberts Howgill Harriers  
2013 U23M Grant Cunliffe Rossendale Harriers  
2014 U23M No Competitor    
2015 U23M Jacob Boyle Clayton le Moors Harriers  
2016 U23M Danny Collinge Clayton le Moors Harriers  
2017 U23M Callum Davidson Rossendale Harriers  
2007 U23L No Competitors    
2008 U23L No Competitors    
2009 U23L No competitor    
2010 U23L No competitors    
2011 U23L Nichola Jackson Preston Harriers  

Page: 1 of 9  Records: 130