Lancashire Junior Championships - Roll of Honour

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Red Rose
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Year Age Group Name Club Notes
2011 U16B Ben Johnstone Wharfedale Harriers  
2013 U18B Declan Bulmer Wharfedale Harriers  
2008 U14B Ben Johnstone Wharfedale  
2010 U12B Lloyd Davies Wharfedale  
2010 U16G Emma Spencer Wharfedale  
2005 U12B Ryan Croasdale Unattached  
2011 U12G Lucy Horrocks Unattached  
2016 U16B Joshua Boyle Unattached  
2017 U13G Holly Crook Trawden AC  
2017 U17G Isabell Hartley Trawden AC  
2008 U16B Ashley Kay Rossendale Harriers  
2009 U14B Danny Walsh Rossendale Harriers  
2009 U18B Ashley Kay Rossendale Harriers  
2010 U18B Joe Johnson Rossendale Harriers  
2012 U16G Leah Williamson Rossendale Harriers  
2013 U12G Ella Tinman Rossendale Harriers  

Page: 1 of 9  Records: 130