Yorkshire Junior Championships - Roll of Honour

These championships are currently (and probably for ever) organised by Dave & Eileen Woodhead.
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White Rose
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Year Age Group Name Club Notes
1996 U14B Geoff Slater Keighley Hill R  
1996 U14G Natalie White Holmfirth  
1996 U16B Lee Loughlin Settle  
1996 U16G Emma Hopkinson Skipton  
1996 U18B Ian Wellock Keighley Hill R  
1996 U18G No Competitors    
1996 U20L No Competitors    
1996 U20M Stuart Cameron Unattached  
1997 U14B James Mason Bingley  
1997 U14G Sally Shepherd Settle  
1997 U16B Geoff Slater Keighley Hill R  
1997 U16G Natalie White Holmfirth  
1997 U18B No Competitors    
1997 U18G Charlotte Sanderson Skipton  
1997 U20L Victoria Wilkinson Bingley  
1997 U20M Stuart Cameron Unattached  

Page: 1 of 13  Records: 198