Yorkshire Junior Championships - Roll of Honour

These championships are currently (and probably for ever) organised by Dave & Eileen Woodhead.
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White Rose
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Year Age Group Name Club Notes
1996 U16G Emma Hopkinson Skipton  
1996 U14B Geoff Slater Keighley Hill R  
1996 U18B Ian Wellock Keighley Hill R  
1996 U16B Lee Loughlin Settle  
1996 U14G Natalie White Holmfirth  
1996 U18G No Competitors    
1996 U20L No Competitors    
1996 U20M Stuart Cameron Unattached  
1997 U18G Charlotte Sanderson Skipton  
1997 U16B Geoff Slater Keighley Hill R  
1997 U14B James Mason Bingley  
1997 U16G Natalie White Holmfirth  
1997 U18B No Competitors    
1997 U14G Sally Shepherd Settle  
1997 U20M Stuart Cameron Unattached  
1997 U20L Victoria Wilkinson Bingley  

Page: 1 of 13  Records: 198