LogoFRA English Junior Championship  2018 - U19G Certificates
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This page allows competitors, who have completed at least 4 races to print their own championship certificates.
Click on 'Display' against your name to generate an Adobe (.pdf) file of your certificate for 2018.
You may need to adjust your printer settings to ensure the certificate is aligned correctly on A4 paper.
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Certificate Forename Surname Club Age Group Place Score No Races
Display Emily Field Bingley Harriers U19G 1 196 4
Display Lily Higgins Halesowen AAC U19G 2 194 4
Display Eve Pannone Eden Runners U19G 3 192 4
Display Finty Royle Chorley AC U19G 3 192 4
Display Eve Crownshaw Dark Peak FR U19G 5 186 5

Page: 1 of 1  Records: 5
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