Points Table Navigation

This site features a database for the various points tables and archives.
The web pages, which display this data can be sorted and filtered,
and individual records can be selected for viewing and printing.
(Use the print option in your browser).

To SORT records, click on an underlined column heading if available.
This will show the records in ascending sequence.
Click again will sort the records into descending sequence.
Click on X at the start of the sort row to undo.
Note that if you do not click on X, sorts are 'cumulative'.
Click on a race title twice to sort the records into the positions in that race.
(Not double-click, wait for the page to be re-displayed between clicks)

To FILTER records, click on the 'v' button if available.
Enter a value under a column.
Click on the '>' button to action the filter.
Click on X at the start of the filter row to undo.
Click on the '^' button to remove the filter row.
Your club name under Club will display only competitors from your club.